SonarCloud Pricing FAQ

How is SonarCloud priced?

SonarCloud is priced on a monthly basis per lines of code. You pay up front for a maximum number of lines of code to be analyzed in your organization.

Find your max LOC below to see what it will cost you per month:

Up to lines
of code
Price per
month in €

What's the difference between the free and paid plans?

2 options are available to start using SonarCloud: free and paid plans. Both plans let you benefit from all the features available on SonarCloud.

Free plan:

  • For open source projects
  • Anyone can see your projects
  • You choose who can edit your projects
  • Unlimited lines of code (LOCs)

Paid plan:

  • If you need (some or all) private projects
  • You choose who can see your private projects
  • You choose who can edit your projects
  • Priced by lines of private code

Can I try a private project on SonarCloud for free?

Your first 14 days are on us. You just have to upgrade your organization to a paid plan, and fill your credit card information to get started. After your trial, if you love it you can continue using SonarCloud and you will be charged for the plan you selected when you first started your free trial. You can cancel anytime.

What is a Line of Code (LOC) on SonarCloud?

LOCs are computed by summing up the LOCs of each project analyzed in SonarCloud. The LOCs used for a project are the LOCs found during the most recent analysis of this project.

How are Lines of Code (LOCs) counted towards billing?

Only LOC from your private projects are counted toward your maximum number of LOCs. If you are getting close to the threshold you will be notified to either upgrade your plan or reduce the number of LOCs in your projects.

When will I be invoiced?

You will be invoiced once a month, the day of the month after your trial ends. For example if you start your free trial on January 1st, it will last till January 14th and you will be first billed on January 15th for your upcoming month, aka January 15th to February 15th.

Can I stop using the service?

Yes, you can stop using SonarCloud anytime you want.

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